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By the destination recommendation, we share with you the wisdom of traveling the world. It allows you to know popular international and domestic routes. And helps you clear all the doubts related to the traveling destination.

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Today, we process millions of flight booking queries across our platform every year for making a flight ticket reservation. Helping millions of travelers make confident flights booking decisions, Flightofox offers dedicated 24*7 customer support. 


What documentation will I need to make a flight ticket reservation?

Flyustravel compares over a hundred airlines to bring you the best available options and provide you with cheap flight tickets. Proper documentation needed to make a flight ticket reservation depends upon the country you are boarding from and the country you are flying to. It is also based on the country passport you have been holding onto. To get the answer you can reach out to the airline's helpline or talk to our travel experts.

Should I reconfirm my flight bookings?

Yes, according to Flightofox experts, you must re-confirm your intern your international flight bookings at least 72 hours before your flight schedule. For domestic flights, you must re-confirm your flight booking with the airline directly. Make sure to check for the flying schedule and look for any changes if made in the travel itinerary. Further, Airlines possess the right of cancelation of flight ticket reservations unless the flight has already been confirmed, regardless if tickets have been booked or not.

Will I earn Frequent Flier Miles on my flight ticket reservation?

Yes, you may be eligible to earn the Frequent Flier Miles, however, it is entirely based on the airline that you made a flight ticket reservation with. Further, Frequent Flier Miles may not be available for extremely cheap flight tickets. For using your Frequent Flier Miles present your information at the check-in counter before the departure of your flight.

How can I reserve a seat while making a flight ticket reservation?

For getting your preferred seats you can take help from our 24*7 customer support by calling. You can also call the airline helpline that you are flying with and mention your request to them. Flightofox is dedicated to its customer's comfort and our travel experts will do their best to provide you with the best seats.

How do I request a special for my flight?

For enjoying a special meal during the flight, you must request the airline at least 24-hour before your final flying schedule. Most of the airlines have stopped providing free meals and thus, there are high chances that you will have to pay extra for special requests.